IOT Training

IOT Course training in Pune:
We are introducing first of its kind “Internet of Thing” training and workshop in India. Our endeavor is to impart skills those are highly in demand and will become Industry’s new big thing in the coming years. So in this pursuit, we are offering this program which is the result of extensive research as well as high level consulting work done by our team in the past. This course gives initial practical and strategic understanding of vast world of “Internet of Things“which has already captured the imagination of all fortune 500 companies. So future belongs to a technology like “Internet of Things” as all research houses have term “Internet of Things” as a game changer.
This course is meant to be an exhaustive introduction to the fascinating world of devices connected to each other through internet – commonly referred to as Internet of Things. Separating the hype and reality, this course is designed to be a common practical meeting point for both – manufacturing industry personnel as end users, as well as IT professionals, who are responsible for delivering innovative IT solutions.
After completion of this training, you will have learnt key skills to implement your IoT ideas in hardware!
This training is completely practical oriented & you can develop applications on your own after training.

Introduction to IoT
IOT basics
Architecture of IOT
How is IoT changing the world
Applications and industry verticals
IoT: Characteristics, Enabling Technologies, Technical Scope

Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi 2 – The “Rocket-In-A-Pocket” Board for IoT
Board Features – History and Reception
Hardware Description
Functional Schematics
Software and OS Options


Porting Raspbian Wheezy Linux
Linux Concepts
Accessing the command line (terminal and desktop)
Accessing and using manual pages
Working with the command line and the shell
Piping and redirection
Linux OS
Linux Commands
Networking : Wired & Wireless
File-sharing – Windows, Linux
GPIO Interfacing
GPIO’s and Hardware Buses – I2C, SPI
Input devices: Button, Buzzer, Touch, LCD Display
Sensor Interfacing : Gas sensors, Accelerometer, Joystick, LCD Display
Wifi, Bluettoth Interfacing
Raspberry Pi Camera Module Interfacing
Applications: Imaging, Video Recording,
Live video streaming using wi-fi, Video Surveillance
Audio Video Movie Playback
Gaming on the Raspberry Pi 2
Non-GPU Games: Doom – Compilation, Usage, Gameplay
GPU Games: Quake III Arena – Compilation, Usage, Gameplay
Creating Web server

Connecting a USB webcam

  • Video streaming on the RPi
  • Bluetooth Interfacing
  • Wi-Fi Interfacing
  • Access the World Wide Web
  • Hosting Web Page on Raspberry Pi
  • Controlling Motor through Web Server
  • Building Web Server Project
  • Hands on IBM Bliuemix Server
  • Nodered Tool for IOT
  • IOT Based Project

Duration: 1 Month




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