Beaglebone Black

    Beaglebone Black Training Workshop :

    Beaglebone Black is linux os based kit used for single board computer applications

    Understanding and Setting up the development environment

    Programming Fundamentals

    Linux Development Tools and Libraries

    C Programming on Linux – Hands on

    Introduction to Embedded operating Systems

    Embedded Linux Fundamentals

    Understanding Beagle Bone Black hardware

    BeagleBone Black as Single Board Computer

    Setting Up Your BeagleBone Black

    Setting up Debian on BeagleBone Black

    BeagleBone Black GPIO: Interfacing Sensors Application development on BBB

    Controlling LED and Buzzer using BBB

    Controlling Motor with BBB (Robotic Application)

    Design experience involving the interaction of hardware and software

    Learn about sensors and actuators and their drive circuitry

    Python Programming for Embedded Systems

    Using Python to Control BeagleBone Black GPIO

    Setting up WiFi on your BBB

    Connecting To A Smart Phone

    Interfacing Camera to BBB

    Simple Ethernet based Application on BBB

    Webserver Application on BBB

    Image processing Application with BBB



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