Placement in Embedded :

Technoscripts is the best institute when it comes to giving its student best placement as its track record shows that it has been consistent since its beginning.

100% placement support is provided to every student who enrolls for the job oriented courses. Our placement team regularly guide every student and gives 100% placement support for interviews. We welcomes the top companies for campus interview & also arrange interviews for the student at the company campus too.
We assist student to develop their soft skills and personality development session to achieve success in their career. We Conduct mock interviews, technical Preparation sessions  and lots of other stuff related to placement like group discussion and personal interview session are also conducted.

Embedded is one of the very rapidly & successfully growing fields in Pune & all over India with lots of big MNC Companies & Middle-level companies investing in this particular domain. The Job opportunities in both Embedded Hardware & software field are definitely going to increase in the future.

We prepare the student for technical as well as the non technical part of the interviews. The placement team ensures that the students who have completed the course they shall upload their updated resume in the specified format. Resumes will be forwarded to the number of companies based on their requirements, with whom we have a tie-up for placements.

The candidate will be informed about the interview details by the placement coordinator & candidate should prepare accordingly.

Mock interviews will be conducted periodically by a panel consisting of a trainer & HR present at the center.

Our Recently Placed Candidates list:

Prasad Deshmukh  Embedded Developer  KPIT 
Amit Shinde   Junior Design Engineer  Forbes marshal 
Priyanka Shinde   Trainee Engineer   KPIT 
Rahul Adhaye  Embedded Developer  John deere 
Prashant Patil  Trainee Engineer   E infochips 
Monali Suryarao  Embedded Developer  Samsung 
Aditya Chauhan  Trainee Engineer   KPIT Technologies 
Priyanka Chaturvedi Trainee Engineer   TCS
Anuya Bhosle  Trainee Engineer   Atos India 
Khushboo Kania  Embedded Developer  SEDEMAC Mechatronics Pvt Ltd. 
Kiran Ghorpade  Junior Design Engineer  Innovita Technologies Pvt Ltd. 
Snehal Shirgave Embedded Developer  American Megatrends (AMI)
Sumit Sirmewar Design Engineer  IIT Mumbai
Kaustubh Kulkarni Design Engineer  IIT Mumbai
Vinayak Potadar Design Engineer  IIT Mumbai
Pralay Panchwate Design Engineer  IIT Mumbai
Prakash Matkar Design Engineer  IIT Mumbai
Sachin Shinde  R&D Engineer  BHTC 
gayatri pawar  Electronics Engineer  Minda 
Pradip  Gupta Embedded Developer  Minda 
Hardik Mehta  Trainee Engineer   KPIT Technologies 
Ravindra More  Embedded Developer  Chetas 
Priyanka somavanshi  Junior Design Engineer  Persistance 
Vaibhav Mahajan  Embedded Developer  chetas 
Devesh Jain R&D Engineer  Bosch
Mohammad Afaque   Embedded Developer  Whirlpool 
Kasthuri Rao  Electronics Engineer  Minda 
Sumit kadam  Embedded Developer  Milenum Semiconductors 
Amrut Kumar  Design Engineer  Adore Systems 
Kumar Atharv   Trainee Engineer   Wipro Technologies 
Anagha Gawas  Embedded Developer  Pointer India 
Altaf Shaikh Trainee Engineer  Tech Mahindra
Akshay Rode  Embedded Engineer  Dhoot Transmission 
Abhilash Bodile Embedded Developer  Eram Magnaflux System Pvt ltd
Murtuza jani Embedded Developer  Eram Magnaflux System Pvt ltd
Srujan Kumar Embedded Engineer  Tech Mahindra
Jasmine Shaikh  Embedded Developer  Rajdeep Infotech 
Abhijit Sonule  Embedded Developer  Signal Cororation 
Nilesh Jaiswal  Junior Design Engineer  Device Electronics Pvt Ltd 
Madhav Naiknavare  R&D Engineer  Dzine Masters 
Anajali Nikam  Embedded Developer  Microsys Electronics 
Priti Nalawade  R&D Engineer  Microsys Electronics 
Omprakash Katare  Junior Engineer  Signal Corporation 
Nandini Sultanpure  R&D Engineer  Singnal Corporation 
Chaitanya Kulkarni  R&D Engineer  Staysee Healthcare 
Akshay Bhatewara  R&D Engineer  Staysee Healthcare 
Ravishankar Nale  Embedded Developer  Unisoul Technologies LLP 
Shital Chavhan  Embedded Developer  Orno Automations 
Shrikant Fulzele  Embedded Developer  Jhaveri Labs 
Umesh Tabake   Embedded Engineer  Lektrotech 
Mahesh Khule  Embedded Developer  Kolhe Technologies 
Nikita Patel  Embedded Engineer  senapar 
Varadraj Grampopadhy   R&D Engineer  Tech Buzz 
Piyush Redgaonkar  Embedded Developer  Precisio Company 
Shubham Dhirdekar  Embedded Developer  Precisio Company 
Barnali Biswas  Raspberry Pi Developer  Akshay Electronics 
Bhagyashri More  Embedded Engineer  Pheonix Pune 
Sneha Madake  Embedded Engineer  Pheonix Pune 
Sushma Kamte  Embedded Engineer  Pheonix Pune 
Pooja Pawar  Embedded Engineer  Pheonix Pune 
Reshma Deshpamde  Embedded Engineer  Pheonix Pune 
Ankita Ashok Jadhav  Embedded Engineer  Pheonix Pune 
Pallavi Brahmankar Trainee Engineer  JSM Infotech
Ramiz Mulla R&D Engineer  Setam Tech Controls
Rita Chavla Trainee Engineer  Realty Automation
Mayur swami  Embedded Developer  MNGL 
Jayshree Shinde  Embedded Developer  Santronics Pvt Ltd. 
Sonali Patankar  Embedded Developer  Innovita Technologies Pvt Ltd. 
Abhay Sonawane  Embedded Developer  SCPL Ltd 
Padmanabh kulkarni  Embedded Developer  Manik Engineers 
Abhijit Naik  Embedded Developer  Suntele Group 
Rohan Moze  R&D Engineer  Raj Electricals 
Dhanashri  Embedded Developer  Hi Tech Transducers & Devices pvt ltd 
Arbaz sundae  Junior Design Engineer  Tech Buzz 
Kedar Bhagwat  Embedded Developer  Unisoul Technologies LLP 
Ambarnath Teli  Embedded Developer  Unisoul Technologies LLP 
Varun Sahni  Embedded Developer  senapar 
Rajat Sonawane  IOT Developer  Smarttech Labs 
Shivaji Jagtap  Design Engineer  Access Healthcare service pvt ltd 
Mayur Pacharne  Embedded Developer  Tech Buzz 
Aniruddha Togar  Design Engineer  Flexotronics  
Mahesh  Embedded Developer  Akshay Electonics 
Kanchan pawar  Embedded Developer  Manas Automotive 
Amar Kulkarni  Embedded Developer  Ken Integrated Technologies 
Sayali Bhende  Trainee Engineer  MT Pune 
Puja Chandgude  Trainee Engineer  MT Pune 
Shubhangi Khandagale  Trainee Engineer  MT Pune 
Snehal Shivarkar Trainee Engineer  Ken IT
Ved Pande Trainee Engineer  Media Oak IOT Solutions
Sunil Nirmal Trainee Engineer  Ken IT
Sayali Gawande Embedded Engineer  Emprotek Software Solutions
Aniket Baviskar R&D Engineer  Topographix solutions
Kaustubh Dhane Embedded Engineer  Jet Net Telematrix
Santosh Bhandarakawathe Embedded Developer  Svil Automation
Sneha Volvoikar Embedded Developer  Svil Automation
Aditya Kaushal Embedded Developer  Svil Automation
Tausif Tamboli Embedded Engineer  JSM Infotech
Rohit Agarkar R&D Engineer  Sudarshan Infotech
Prasad Naphade R&D Engineer  Falcon Emotors
Varsha Nagmode Embedded Engineer  Falcon Emotors
Amol More R&D Engineer  Topographix solutions
Dipali Ingale Trainee Engineer  Renu Electronics
Namdev Jadhav Trainee Engineer  Ujjvala Electronics
Darshan Mankar Embedded Engineer  McCrown Technologies
Aniket Alure Embedded Engineer  McCrown Technologies
Neha Gaikwad Embedded Engineer  McCrown Technologies
Premchand Chaudhari Embedded Engineer  Electropniematics & Hydraulics
Ankita Deshmane R&D Engineer  Scarlet Enterprises
Tejashwini Jhope Trainee Engineer  Device Electronics Pvt Ltd
Hibitha Raj R&D Engineer  Intecore
Vinod Badiger Trainee Engineer  Cloud Clickers
Prashant Pustake Trainee Engineer  Automatic Infotech
Akshata Arjunwadkar Embedded Engineer  Skanray Technologies Pvt Ltd
Shantesh Sonad Embedded Engineer  Skanray Technologies Pvt Ltd
Amol Chalware Embedded Engineer  Topographix solutions
Bhushal Sawale Embedded Engineer  Topographix solutions
Omkar Bakare Embedded Engineer  Ken IT
Shyam Deshmukh Trainee Engineer  Intecore
Sayali Gawande R&D Engineer  Emprotek Software Solution Pvt Ltd
Rahul Sharma Trainee Engineer  San Telequip Pvt ltd
kishor Shinde Embedded Developer  TCS
Harshal Morute Embedded Developer  John Deere
Nikhil Naik Trainee Embedded Engineer Integrated Active Monitoring
Komal Dixit Trainee Embedded Engineer Integrated Active Monitoring
Ankita Petekar Trainee Engineer SuryaLogix Technologies
Shweta Jadhav Trainee Engineer SuryaLogix Technologies
Sheetal More IOT Developer Radix Technologies
Sudhir Khairnar System Developer Sisai Technologies
Manoj Girhe Embedded Trainee Ankur Technologies
Amol Takne Embedded Trainee SN Technologies
Neeraj Bharadwaj Embedded Trainee Ankur Technologies
Snehal Waghole Embedded Programming Engineer Ken IT
Vishal Pawar Embedded Design Engineer SmartCard World
Asmita Navle Embedded Engineer  Radix Technologies
Snehal Jadhav Embedded Engineer  Radix Technologies
Ravindra Eshi Design Engineer MITRA
Mayur Chaudhary Embedded Engineer  Ken IT
Ajay Shokal Embedded Engineer  VT Systems
Amruta Patil Embedded Engineer  Exa Technologies
Aniket Shinde Embedded Engineer  Topo Systems
Sheetal Dabi Embedded Engineer  Eram Technologies
Ravina Kamthe Embedded Engineer  Eram Technologies
Soumya Tamhankar Trainee Engineer Nuedeep Technologies
Sneha Bidkar Trainee Engineer Nuedeep Technologies
Ujjvala Hiremath System Engineer Trinamix Technologies
Komal Rode Trainee Engineer DevTech M2M
Nikhil Folane Trainee Engineer DevTech M2M
Yogendra Joshi Embedded Developer Svil Automation
Monika Jadhav IOT Intern GBPS
Pooja Band Embedded Developer MT Technologies
Chirag Rathod Embedded Engineer Ankur Technologies
Pranali Jawanjal Embedded Engineer Softtech Solutions
Deeksha Meshram Embedded Engineer Softtech Solutions
Bhushan Sawale Embedded Engineer Topographix Technologies
Trupti Pawar Embedded Intern Kalyani Systems
Nilima Shinde Embedded Intern Kalyani Systems